Season round-up

Watch footage from WBRC’s 2015 race season, which saw the club pick up a total of 42 wins, three Hants & Dorset championships, a south coast championship and a second place position in the Hants & Dorset league table.


WBRC are south coast champs

On Saturday 12th of September, Wimbleball Rowing Club hosted the South Coast Championships where crews representing the Hants & Dorset Amateur Rowing Association would take on championship crews from the West of England and Coast associations. Westover & Bournemouth Rowing Club had three crews representing the association on the day, including their H&D championship winning JS men. Also competing were WBRC’s junior men and junior women who both earned a championship place after finishing second in the H&D title race.

South coast champs

After some wet and windy conditions at the start of the event, conditions improved as Westover’s junior men, Josh Williams, Gian-luc Angiolini, Jim Kay and Jon Solly (coxed by Anna Nolan), took to the water for the club’s first race of the day. After trailing to favourites BTC, WBRC put in a strong push in the last 250 meters to pass the leaders just before the line and take victory. It was an emphatic win that was testament to the crew’s hard work and determination under the watchful eye of coach Simon Clements.

Next up were Westover’s junior ladies, Danielle Elmy-Liddiard, Alicia Bramwell Reeks, Roseanna Bramwell Reeks and Libby Perry, who faced some tough competition from Southampton based rivals Itchen Imperial. The crew put in a fantastic performance, but were unable to catch the H&D championship winners and finished second. Finally, Westover’s JS champions were set to face CARA champions Deal RC. Ali Esinduy, Michael Joscelyne, Jeff Hanafin and Leigh Darlow finished ahead of all the other competition, but were unable to catch Deal who beat them to the line.


Westover & Bournemouth wins third championship

The club secured their third championship of the Hants & Dorset season on Saturday 23rd August, to round off what has been a fantastic season of success for the club.


Westover’s JS men travelled to Southampton for the last H&D regatta of the season, held by Coalporters, level on points with Poole and knowing that a win would clinch them the title. The two clubs both won their respective heats and were set to meet each other in the last showdown of the season. But Westover’s Ali Esinduy, Michael Joscelyne, Jeff Hanafin and Leigh Darlow took a commanding lead from the start and managed to hold off their neighbouring rivals to secure a well-deserved championship and a place representing Hants & Dorset in the South Coast Championships.

Westover’s champion sisters Alicia and Roseanna Bramwell-Reeks added another win to complete the season unbeaten in the 11 races they have entered. Championship pair Jim Kay and Jon Solly also picked up a win, and went on to win in the four with Josh Williams and Rob Shaw to give WBRC a total of 4 wins on the day. With Westover’s junior ladies coming second in their fours race, the club picked up a second place position in the aggregate cup to round off one of Westover’s most successful seasons for over fifty years.


WBRC ladies dominate at Woolston

Westover returned to Woolston on Saturday 15th August for the penultimate regatta of the Hants & Dorset season hosted by BTC. The club went knowing that a win for their JS crew would secure the club a third championship, and a win for their junior ladies A crew would earn them second place overall and give them the opportunity to compete at the South Coast Championships.


Racing got underway and Westover picked up their first win as champion sisters Alicia & Roseanna Bramwell Reeks, who have dominated the junior pairs category all season, picked up their tenth win. Josh Williams and Rob Shaw then followed suit and also won in the pair, and came a very close second in the four rowing with teammates Jim Kay and Jon Solly. Westover then picked up their third win of the day when sisters Alicia and Roseanna were joined by Danielle Elmy-Liddiard and Libby Perry, and coxed by Anna Nolan, to take the junior four win. This secured the ladies an invite to represent the association at the South Coast Championships.

WBRC’s JS men missed out on the win and came second to Poole who took the point. This put them level at 5-5 and will mean Westover must win at the last race of the season to secure the championship. If neither Poole nor Westover win, the championship will be decided by a row-off or at the South Coast Championships held at Wimbleball.


More success for Westover at Itchen

Westover & Bournemouth were at Itchen Imperial on Saturday 8th of August, where they picked up another two wins in what is turning out to be one of the most successful seasons for the club in recent years.


Westover’s junior men once again dominated the pairs and fours categories, with Jim Kay and Jon Solly picking up another win in the pair, and Josh Williams, Jon Solly, Gian-luc Angiolini and Rob Shaw winning in the four. Westover & Bournemouth have already won two championships with two races of the season remaining, with the JS men looking to pick up the club’s third Hants & Dorset championship as they lead Poole by 5 wins to 4.


Westover overtakes Poole in race for third championship

The club travelled to Milford on Saturday 1st of August for the tenth regatta of the Hants and Dorset season. The regatta, hosted by Lymington Rowing Club, was rescheduled after poor weather conditions saw it postponed earlier in the year.


With improved weather on the day, crews still had to tackle some challenging coastal conditions with a number of boats filling with water and sinking during the race. However, Westover’s junior men Josh Williams and Rob Shaw put in a strong performance in the pair to secure a win, as did WBRC’s champion sisters Alicia and Roseanna Bramwell-Reeks who continue their unbeaten run. But the shock victory of the day came when Jim Kay and Rob Blanchett joined Josh Williams and Rob Shaw to row at JS – a status above their own. They were coxed by Libby Perry to victory and took the championship point to move Westover & Bournemouth ahead of Poole with a 5-4 lead and only three races left in the season.


Westover secure second championship at Poole

WBRC secured a second championship on Saturday 25th July as Jim Kay and Jon Solly won the men’s junior pair championship at Poole Rowing Club’s regatta hosted in Hamworthy.


After sisters Alicia and Roseanna Bramwell Reeks made history by winning the first ever Hants & Dorset junior pairs championship a week previously at the club’s home regatta, the men joined them by picking up enough wins to take the title. And the winning didn’t stop there – Jon Solly then went on to row with teammates Josh Williams, Gian-luc Angiolini and Rob Shaw to win at junior in their four, as well as the Poole/Bournemouth cup to make it their second week of picking up a hat trick of wins. Champion sisters Alicia and Roseanna also picked up another win to continue their unbeaten run, and WBRC’s JS men, Ali Esinduy, Michael Joscelyne, Jeff Hanafin and Leigh Darlow took another championship point to draw level with Poole and make it five wins in total for the club on the day.


WBRC make history at home regatta

Conditions were traditionally coastal for the club’s 150th anniversary regatta held on Saturday 18th of July at Bournemouth seafront.


Westover picked up a total of five wins on the day, with Rob Shaw and Josh Williams winning their junior pairs race, and then going on to win again in the four and the customary three boroughs race, which sees clubs from Poole and Christchurch competing, after being joined by teammates Jon Solly and Gian-luc Angiolini.

Westover’s junior ladies, Danielle Elmy-Liddiard, Alicia Bramwell, Roseanna Bramwell Reeks and Libby Perry, coxed by Anna Nolan, also had an emphatic win, which secured them a second championship point and sees them promoted to senior next season. But it was sisters Alicia and Roseanna who made history by securing the first ever Hants & Dorset ladies junior pair championship with wins in all seven of their races to date.


Westover takes Southsea by storm

WBRC travelled to Southsea on Saturday 11th of July where they met clubs from the Coast Amateur Rowing Association, as well as their usual opposition from Hants and Dorset.


There were the usually challenging conditions on the day, but Westover’s fleet of small boats and fours all made it through the heats to their respective finals. The JS men, Ali Esinduy, Michael Joscelyne, Jeff Hanafin and Leigh Darlow came second in their final, but still came away with an important Hants and Dorset championship point that puts them level with rivals Poole. Westover’s junior men Jim Kay and Jon Solly also picked up a championship point in the junior pair, but it was the junior ladies, Danielle Elmy-Liddiard, Alicia Bramwell Reeks, Roseanna Bramwell Reeks and Libby Perry (coxed by Anna Nolan) who were victorious over the CARA crews coming first overall, with sisters Alicia and Roseanna also winning in the pair to move them within one point of securing the championship.

Westover now sit in second position as a club in the Hants and Dorset table.


Westover close in on Poole at Newport

On Saturday 4th of July, the club travelled back to the Isle of Wight for the sixth regatta of the Hants & Dorset season hosted by Newport.


With racing taking place over two days, it was the fours that took to the water on the Saturday to battle it out over the 1500-meter straight course.

After a strong performance in their heat Westover’s junior men progressed to the semi final, but were unlucky not to secure a place in the final. Westover’s junior ladies did make it to the final, but came a close third behind Southampton clubs Coalporters and Itchen – leaving it up to WBRC’s JS men to find a win for the club. After dominating their heat, the JS crew made it through to the final and were up against championship leaders Poole and BTC. After crossing the line in first place, the race was contested by BTC who claimed there was a collision. The umpires upheld the protest and opted for a re-row, which saw all three boats paddling back to the start line to race again. Westover took this in their stride and Louie Callaghan coxed Ali Esinduy, Michael Joscelyne, Jeff Hanafin and Leigh Darlow to victory for a second time. Securing a their second championship point and meaning they will be senior oarsman next season, it leaves them just one win away from drawing level with rivals Poole.

The weekend’s racing didn’t end there as Newport hosted their small boats regatta on Sunday 5th of July. Across the day Alicia Bramwell-Reeks and Kieran Pulford both came third in their scull races, Roseanna Bramwell-Reeks came second in her scull, Jim Kay and Jon Solly finished second in their junior pair race, but it was the Westover sisters Alicia and Roseanna who were most successful picking up their fifth victory in the ladies junior pair, meaning they’re just two races away from securing the championship.


Winning streak continues at Swanage

WBRC enjoyed more success at Swanage on Saturday 27th of June – the 5th race of the Hants and Dorset season. After multiple victories at the past four regattas, the club went to Swanage looking to continue their winning streak in what is shaping up to be one of the most successful seasons for the club in recent years.


On a beautiful sunny day with calm conditions, sisters Alicia and Roseanna Bramwell-Reeks opened the winning once again and took their 4th victory in the ladies junior pair category leaving them just a few wins away from securing the championship. WBRC’s men’s junior pairs also battled it out once again finishing first and second, with Jim Kay and Jon Solly finishing ahead of Josh Williams and Rob Shaw this time to secure their second point in the championship. Finally, Ali Esinduy, Michael Joscelyne, Jeff Hanafin and Leigh Darlow dominated the JS category and were coxed to victory by Louie Callaghan to secure their first championship point of the season.

WBRC’s junior ladies four and Vice President Kieran Pulford were unlucky not to pick up wins with some great performances that earned them second place positions.


Wins for WBRC at Woolston

Racing at Woolston took place on Saturday 20th of June, and after a weekend of victories on the island the previous week Westover were looking to continue winning ways at the fourth race of the Hants & Dorset Amateur Rowing Association’s season held by Southampton ARC.

Sisters Alicia and Roseanna Bramwell Reeks got the first win of the day in the junior pair, securing themselves another championship point. Next up it was WBRC’s novice ladies, Clare Rimmer, Anna Binley, Sara Holt and Nina Holt, who lost their novice status with an impressive performance. The final win of the day came when Westover and Bournemouth’s four junior men – Jim Kay, Jon Solly, Josh Williams and Rob Shaw – all battled it out in the men’s junior pair category. With some jostling for the lead, Josh Williams and Rob Shaw managed to steer ahead and hold the lead to take another victory and championship point for the club in this category.

WBRC also achieved a number of very close second places on the day, which meant the club came joint second overall in the aggregate cup – another remarkable achievement for the club.


Success for Westover & Bournemouth RC at Ryde and Shanklin

After somewhat of a false start at Christchurch, the first regatta of the HDRA season where Westover failed to pick up any silverware, the club made amends on the Isle of Wight by picking up 5 well deserved wins over the weekend.

Shanklin winners

On Saturday 6th of June 2015, Ryde hosted the first of the two regattas. The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing – so the conditions were certainly ‘coastal’.

It was a disappointing start for the JS crew, which saw them backing down under the starting official’s orders when the race was started. They made a strong charge to claw back positions and get back in the race, but after the boat filled up on the turn they were unable to challenge the leaders. The day improved when Westover’s novice men and women, the junior ladies and Kieran Pulford in his scull all picked up second place positions. But it was the junior men and sisters Alicia and Roseanna in the ladies junior pair category (now a championship event) that were victorious and helped to secure the club a third place position overall – a fantastic achievement when you look at the size and number of entries of other clubs on the day.

Nov A Shanklin

With so many close seconds at Ryde, Westover went to Shanklin looking to turn those into wins. It was another sunny day, and conditions were slightly improved compared to Ryde. There were some good performances and more close seconds throughout the day, but it was the ladies junior pair and junior men (this time in the pair with Jim Kay and Jon Solly) who were triumphant once again. And the weekend was rounded off with an emphatic win from the novice men, who stormed the field with Louie Callaghan steering them to victory.

Ryde winners

A fantastic start to the season, and Westover & Bournemouth RC will be looking to achieve more success at Woolston on Saturday 20th June.


WBRC Charity Cycle Ride

It was a wet bank holiday Sunday on May 3rd 2015 when Westover & Bournemouth Rowing Club members (plus friends) braved the conditions to take on 25, 55 and 85 mile routes to raise money for the club and local charities Julia’s House, MacMillan Caring Locally and Tourettes Action.


Despite the wind and rain, there was a good turn out on the day and everyone made it back from their chosen routes without any problems. With many participants taking on a distance they’d never attempted before, it was a great achievement for many riders taking part on bikes of all shapes and sizes – including a tandem! With the sun making an appearance towards the end of the event, riders were able to enjoy a free burger in the sun as a thank you from the club for their efforts. With sponsorship still mounting, we hope to secure enough money to pay for the new safety launch that was essential for the club, as well as making generous donations to our three chosen charities. A great day was had by all, and the club would like to thank everyone who was involved – see South Coast Journalism’s report of the event here.


WBRC win the Courage Cup at Southampton Head

On Saturday 18th of April 2015, Westover & Bournemouth attended Southampton Fours Head with six boats competing across two divisions. With one men’s JS crew, two men’s and one women’s Junior crew and two men’s Novice crews, it was one of the best turnouts in recent years.


With the men’s Junior boat narrowly missing out on a first place position, with less than a second between them and the winners, it was the Junior ladies – Libby Perry, Alicia Bramwell Reeks, Roseanna Bramwell Reeks, Dani Elmy-Liddiard and Grace Tebbutt (cox) – who picked up the only win of the day finishing ahead of Solent University. But thanks to these fantastic performances, along with the time set by the JS crew, WBRC picked up the Courage Cup with the fastest average time across three crews including a ladies crew. Marking another great achievement for the club during our 150th anniversary year, crews will now be focussing on preparation for the first regatta of the season and the chance to build on this success.


WBRC represents the coast at HORR 2015

Well done to Ali Esinduy, Kieran Pulford, Leigh Darlow and Michael Joscelyne who joined four rowers from Canford School yesterday to row at the annual Head of the River Race – a 4.5 mile course that stretches from Mortlake to Putney.


Joined in the boat by Rosie Fuest (cox),  Jonathan Naylor, Aryan Sheikalian, Bertie Gregory and Harry Griffiths, but representing Westover and Bournemouth Rowing Club as the only coastal club entered, the WBRC eight went on to achieve the very respectable position of 114th overall, and 5th in their category. Big thanks to WBRC coach Paul Newman and Canford coach Ian Dryden who made it all possible. A great achievement for the club and a great way to kick off our 150th anniversary year. To see a short clip of our guys rowing, click here


Learn to Row course taking place on Saturday 25th of April


Westover and Bournemouth Rowing Club (WBRC) are hosting a Learn to Row course aimed to provide a taste of coastal rowing.

This light-hearted course will give you and your friends a foundation in basic rowing technique, equipment and water safety.

If you’re fit, over the age of 17 and looking for a new sport, come and give it a go! 

The course will take place on Saturday 25th April from 10am until 4pm at Hengistbury Head Outdoor centre.

Contact Clare Rimmer admin@wbrc.co.uk for further details.