Building for the Future

On Wednesday 11th January 2017, the Westover & Bournemouth Rowing Club committee held an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on whether the club should revert back to its former name, Bournemouth Rowing Club. The premise behind the name change was to create a wider appeal, to better represent the roots of the club and to align with other sports clubs in the area. It will also help us to continue building strong links with our local schools. The motion was passed by a unanimous vote, and we will now be known as Bournemouth Rowing Club. 


The name change is just a small part of a bigger picture as the club looks toward the future. Our current links with local schools has seen our youth section expand rapidly with some great success on the water. We will be looking to build on this success and forge links with other schools in the area to make rowing accessible to even more young people in the community.

Our links with Harewood College have provided us with dedicated indoor training facilities for land training (ergs and circuits), and our work at the Iford boathouse means we have access to the water whenever we need it. With additional funding, sponsorship and fundraising, we will continue to develop this site in conjunction with the Scouts, as well as maintain and expand our boats and equipment.

The club now has a dedicated team of coaches who will be working with current members and newcomers throughout the winter and spring months to develop a strong squad for the 2017 race season. We already have some promising crews being formed, with enough coaching resource to support absolute beginners looking to join the sport as well.

Finally, the club has a fantastic team of volunteers who will be working hard in the background to make sure Bournemouth Rowing Club goes from strength to strength. As we look forward to what we think will be a very bright future, we welcome anyone that wants to get involved and help us realise our vision. 

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